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Mark is a chiropractor providing thorough, effective chiropractic services to individuals and families in Langley, British Columbia.

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Dr. Mark Malowney Chiropractic Care, Rebound Sport and Spine Langley, BC

Dr. Mark Malowney Chiropractor

Staying healthy is an investment in your future.

What got me into chiropractic care was an interest in biomechanics, anatomy and human movement and health. I wanted to understand why some people could make a certain movement while others couldn't. As a chiropractor, I'm able to answer many of these questions.

My chiropractic philosophy leans toward a more “modern” approach including evidence-based assessments and treatment techniques to determine the root of physical problems. A strong understanding of the specifics of an injury will lead to a much more effective and efficient treatment for that injury.

Though maintenance of efficient movement is important to your physical health, education is an important aspect of my treatment strategy. My goal is to have patients understand why they are in pain, and what they can do to enhance their treatments.

To maintain good health, take care of your body. We ignored aches, pains and injuries thinking they will eventually go away. Not true. In fact, those injuries can lead to limitations in the future.

Dr. Mark Malowney

Rebound Sport and Spine
Langley, B.C.